Top 10 Deadliest Human Stampedes

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Crowds at sports, concerts and religious events can range from the hundreds to the tens of thousands. All it takes is a wave of pandemonium to rush through a crowd for a terrifying stampede to occur. And all it takes is poor planning on the part of event coordinators for a stampede to claim the lives of innocent bystanders. It doesn’t matter where you are — deadly human stampedes can occur anywhere where mass groups of people congregate, as our worldwide list shows.

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10. The Lima Peru Stampede
9. The Hajj Stampede
8. The Ultra Arena Stampede
7. The Station Nightclub Fire Stampede
6. The Chamunda Devi Stampede
5. The 1913 Italian Hall Stampede
4. The Baghdad Stampede
3. The Hillsborough Stadium Stampede
2. The Victoria Hall Stampede
1. The Phnom Penh Stampede

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